The Entourage Effect is important in many clinical applications of medical cannabis and can take place only in whole plant medicines and whole plant extracts, i.e., forms of medical cannabis with the whole matrix of compounds found in cannabis.

These may be different strains with varying amounts of various components including THC and CBD, but all include scores of cannabinoids, terpenes, trichomes, etc., many of which may be “inert” when tested in isolation, but which can contribute to the whole clinical effect when combined.

Research is continuing to reveal more about the effect, but TRUCE notes such studies on whole plant forms will not be permitted under the recently passed “Cannabinoid Research” bill – for no good scientific reason, rather for the same old political considerations we’ve discussed and illustrated on many occasions.

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And for an example of scientifically formulated whole plant medicines of known biochemistry and dosages, see:

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