Speaking to the linked article’s headline, no, most of the “factoids” shared at the Utah medical marijuana town hall” were far from accurate, complete or even credible – and as a whole were used to leave an extremely misleading impression.

So we’re left with this:

1. Law enforcement officers in a county in Utah using debunked and out of context sources assert medicinal cannabis has no medical value at all.

2. Over 20,000 PubMed Scientific papers in just the last 15 years – many shared here over the last few years and many more yet to be shared – and – the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine – the most prestigious science organization in the US which just finished reviewing 10,000 papers on its own this year – say it does.

Who do you believe….?? And how tough is the choice for you?

Meanwhile, the real gem in this article is the FULL AUDIO of the event. We’re not only not afraid to have our blog followers hear exactly what the presenters had to say (and how they said it), in fact we think listening to them in their own unedited words will do more to help you figure out who has the high ground in this important societal discussion than anything we could ever say on our own….

…so by all means give a listen….


We’ll note again that many of the officers’ “facts” come from the rogue and discredited #RMHDITA org – and that the presenters actually twisted other stories (e.g., about the infant death which has NOT been shown to be cannabis-caused)

Also, we continue to fact check, e.g., there’s stronger evidence that Medicinal cannabis is helpful for many with epilepsy than cited in the article, from organizations like the National Epilepsy Foundation and Scientific American. See e.g.:




As for their contention that medical cannabis for Utah will create a clear and present danger here, we’ve also debunked these red herring arguments (nearly all about “personal” or “recreational” use, and overstretched in that context as well) on multiple (if not hundreds of) occasions.

Given the tone of the debate to date, though, looks like we’ll have to keep doing so…. …and we have more posts ready in the next few days which will further dismantle the contentions made at the event.

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See full article – FACT CHECK: Were factoids shared at Utah medical marijuana town hall accurate?