The DEA indeed removed some of false info it’s been publishing about cannabis for many years from its website back in mid-February – without any fanfare or announcement of the change.

However, Americans for Safe Access (ASA), the organization which filed suit to make this happens, has noted that misinformation still remains – and that the DEA has yet to actually respond to their legal complaint, so in effect, while changing their website, they’ve admitted nothing, and especially not that their decision last August to not remove cannabis from the Schedule I Drug was based on information they fully knew at the time to be false.

This from a community newspaper, the Portland Mercury News:

“As to ASA, the group continues to poke the bear. ASA has noted that although DEA quietly pulled the misinformation from its website, it never formally responded to the petition. Therefore, ASA sent a letter requesting a reply, and that DEA remove other allegedly mistaken or misleading statements about weed.”

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