Yet another response to the inaccurate information coming out of the Weber County Sheriff’s office…. ….in a KUTV report featuring TRUCE’s Doug Rice.

TRUCE’s own examination of the claims in the materials released by Sheriff Thompson’s office show many to be inaccurate, misleading and/or overblown – and all of them have been and continue to be addressed in the many high quality research studies we’ve regularly shared here, which we fully stand behind as the best and most credible evidence available.

It follows that starting with misinformation, the conclusions drawn from these flawed materials therefore point only towards continued flawed and even destructive social policies that continue to deny effective medicine to at least tens of thousands of Utahns and which will do nothing to take advantage of medical cannabis’ known benefits of reducing prescription opioid abuse.

“In today’s world, lies can get a million shares, while truth is still googling for a truly referenced study…”

~Update of an (unfortunate) classic

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