Looking gift horses in the mouth: Science marches on… …leisurely. NIDA is supporting another long-term study on the medicinal benefits of cannabis, this time in treating the symptoms of HIV…

As we’ve reported about another federally supported five year study (on cannabis’ possible benefit in the opioid crisis), the government – speaking out of one side of its mouth – is starting to support actually sound (sounding) research…. …which deserves a qualified “yaay,” but only a qualified one when looking at the bigger picture.

As they continue to speak mostly out of the other side – maintaining the (ridiculous) position (despite tens of thousands of studies) that a) cannabis has no medicinal value, b) and that it’s ethical to keep treating its use as a serious crime with penalties designed to “protect society”… …from a drug which 90% favor legalizing for medicinal use, and which is already available in a majority of states.


“…Despite the Schedule I classification of the cannabis plant, [the government is] handing out millions in order to explore its effectiveness in treating symptoms experienced by HIV patients. Will this overt display of hypocrisy end up being a net positive?

NIDA recently awarded a $3.2 million to determine what every medical cannabis supporter already pretty much knows – whether the plant medicine will alleviate ailments caused by HIV.

Dr. Robert Cook’s team have already successfully published over a dozen papers related to treating HIV with cannabis medicine.

‘Marijuana use is increasingly common in persons living with HIV,’ Cook said. ‘Past findings … have been limited and inconclusive. Unlike other government-funded studies, most of which are designed to show negative effects, this five-year exploration will serve to guide clinical and safety recommendations’.”

The article adds, “…the notion that over three million has been allocated to research one disease is encouraging, yet simultaneously puzzling.”

We agree, but find ourselves less puzzled. One effect of a new “slow walking the science” trend is to give tacit support to opponents in the states that still don’t have legal programs – with the net goal of preventing them and interfering with the sound program and business operation of existing programs. I.e., this approach is tailor made to accomplish two purposes:

1. To make opponents sound like reasonable people who’ve always just wanted “the science” to “be in” before legalizing, so that they can claim the high ground.

2. To justify continuing prohibition of all uses of cannabis wherever and as possible – for as long as possible.

However, there was little reason to wait when states began legalizing… …regulation and continuing research are both part of the ongoing picture, but prohibition belongs in history’s dustbin of failed laws.

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