“…Just a thought…”

Since we have a smaller megaphone, we’ve been stewing at the heavily publicized tactics being employed by Utah Medical Association – fretting that they might get away with promulgating a tissue of lies, innuendo, mischaracterization…

…and multiple below the belt attacks on the character and motives of advocates and activists.

So we’ve been most gratified to see the sophomoric smears in their broadside against the Utah Medical Cannabis Act being deconstructed – and we mean torn apart – in more than one major local paper.

Most of UMA’s assertions and accusations are so patently untrue our minds boggle. In our opinion the good name and hard-earned reputation of medicine in Utah has been hijacked and harmed by a small group (CEO Michelle S. McOmber and her Board) whose underlying personal agendas we can only guess at.

Annnd…. …the cherry on top for the state’s small bands of advocates now under broad and simultaneous assault from seemingly most of Utah’s heavy hitter political and cultural arbiters and actors…. …all resting their case on what’s been presented as UMA’s “broad shoulders”…. …is that you don’t have to take our word for it….

…That is, we could go on fulminating and banging our fists on your screen, but we know people doubt advocates are ever objective, so here’s yet another piece from the Standard-Examiner’s Editorial Board that really calls out UMA’s tactics for what they are.

PS: For whatever it’s worth, we’ll note that if we’d ever later found out that advice we’d taken as “wise counsel” was this flawed and mean spirited, well, we’ll just say we know we’d already be in the market for “wiser” – not to mention more objective – counsel.

Just a thought.

One quote from a most trenchant piece….

“Taken as a whole, the Utah Medical Association’s statement is badly flawed and misleading. Yet the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in a statement Tuesday opposing the ballot initiative, said it appreciates the association’s ‘wise counsel’ on the issue.

Any statement using factually inaccurate claims to mislead the public isn’t wise counsel, it’s a form of political manipulation. It’s an attempt to obscure the truth.

And that makes it dangerous.”

Spread the word. Whatever the #UMA board has in its hearts, it’s not sound medicine nor in patient’s best interests.

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