Florida finally passes enabling legislation for 2016’s ballot initiative – lawsuits from dissatisfied advocates to follow…..

Developments and disputes around aspects of implementation of laws and initiatives continue to play out in many states – and while many highlight interesting issues, there are far more than we can cover in this blog without posting 10-15 times/day – which we don’t feel is what most of you have time for – so we select states and stories we feel raise the most important questions which might have implications here down the road. One key area is the relationship between what voters pass via initiative and what state governments do – or don’t do – about faithfully implementing what citizens have legally passed.

Florida – a large diverse state, where over 70% of citizens passed a major ballot initiative – but where the legislature has been tied in knots – is just such a state – and despite the compromise just sent to the governor, many feel that the people’s expressed intent has still been unfairly limited, and plan to pursue further legal action…..

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