Florida followup… …legislators fiddle while patients’ needs burn:

Floridians have twice voted for a full medical cannabis program, the the last time by a super-majority of over 71%, and yet parochial concerns now bode to continue to keep the medicine – now available to over half of the country – out of the hands of hundreds of thousands of patients for many more months to come.

Ultimately – after more pointless delays – we feel Florida’s patients will be served, but for now, the linked article details where their situation stands, in a cautionary tale of how politics, money squabbles and archaic attitudes can continue to thwart the democratically expressed will of the people, even as the never successful prohibition approach does nothing to curb the black market in drugs and the prescription opioid crisis rages on.

TRUCE will continue to keep you abreast of such developments around the country as they help give perspective on the Utah Legislature’s own resistance to enact meaningful reform over recent years, and the likely shape of the debate to come in our home state.

People frustrated with the local situation tend to blame local factors and familiar actors, but as Florida shows, even in large, urban states with complex populations, many factors are in play, and advocates are well-advised to keep their eyes on all of them.

And hopefully, under the pressure of citizen activists, Florida’s governor will call a special legislative session to resolve this needless cloud hanging over the Sunshine State.

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