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Attorney General Sessions – who has received virtually no support from any officials in legal states or from any members of Congress for taking it on himself to reignite possible federal action against legal state programs may think he’s on some leading edge of putting the cannabis genie back in the official bottle it used to be in (but never was really in any state, where black market, cartel, unregulated, uninspected drugs have always flourished), but meanwhile in the states and around the world, legal medical cannabis programs continue to spread and grow…. ….today’s case in point, Denmark….


“As of 1 January, Denmark allows the use of medical cannabis for patients suffering from various illnesses.

The four year-trial was authorised on 18 December by the parliament in Copenhagen, in a move which also licensed some companies to grow and produce the drug in the Scandinavian country.

Capsules, cannabis extract as a mouth spray, and dried cannabis flowers for vaporising or teas are the main authorised medicines in the EU.

By contrast, no Euro country authorises the smoking of cannabis for medical purposes – given the risks that smoking poses to health, especially if combined with tobacco.

In the EU, only Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Poland and Spain currently authorise marijuana’s use as a medicine – while a few other states are planning legislation on the issue.

According to the European Medical Association, there is a ‘growing focus’ on fighting pain, despite the cloudy legal status of cannabis.

Issues around medical cannabis often get lumped together with the debate around the drug’s recreational use, which is illegal in all member states – although small amounts for personal use are decriminalised in member states such as the Netherlands, Austria, Italy and Luxembourg.”

Other countries working on medical legalization include Ireland and Greece.

More in the article as the world of medical cannabis expands….

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