Discussions rage on and on about whether a wide and confusing range products with various degrees of CBD produced from various kinds of source material are “50 state legal”…. ….the confusion continues from contradictory proclamations from the offices of the DEA to shops in Utah (and every other state’s) counties, and from manufacturers in many states, e.g., Colorado… …and from doctor’s offices to courtrooms in many venues, all while advocates and attorneys argue – not only with each other, but among themselves.

Which is made possible by decisions and proclamations and scientific reports which keep coming to opposed conclusions.

It’s one of the thorniest issues in medical cannabis… ….which got a lot thornier when the DEA relatively recently decided to place NON-psychoactive CBD in the Controlled Substances Act’s Schedule 1 – which the CSA reserves – by law – for the most dangerous and medically useless narcotics (which CBD most assuredly is not, i.e., it’s not dangerous when used as recommended by physicians nor it is it close to medically useless – as so many studies show).

People ask us for guidance on what the science and laws really are, but it’s hard for us – or anyone – to prepare fact sheets, when the facts are constantly in dispute and the spectrum of products keeps changing as well, trying to find a legal path to market….

Here’s an overview of how the whole (terribly) messy situation is playing out… …through the eyes of one man determined to get help for his sister against whatever odds…..

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