This debate between Mitt Romney and Dr. Mike Kennedy who are facing each other in the Republican Senate primary took place a few days ago, but we thought our readers would like to know how our next senator (of any party) might vote on cannabis issues in Congress.

So not in this debate, the field also includes the Democratic candidate, Jenny Wilson and the Libertarian party candidate, Craig Bowden.

The Utah Democratic party platform endorsed by Ms. Wilson specifically supports legalizing medicinal cannabis.

Mr. Bowden notes:

“I absolutely support patients in Utah and back the Medical Cannabis Initiative. Further, I would push to end the war on drugs which has been a tantamount failure, and has only succeeded in giving us the largest incarcerated population in the world, ruined lives, enriched cartels, and increased violence along the border.”

In the debate, the topic of the Utah Medical Cannabis Act (UMCA) came up (about 24 minutes in/31 minutes left).

Dr. Kennedy expressed his admiration of the pharmaceutical industry, and said he supports initiatives as a citizen right, appreciates Utahns for bringing them, but also hid behind the tired “not enough studies” argument and the FDA’s refusal to consider cannabis on its own terms. He says he supports Schedule II reclassification and called for more studies.

However, after that somewhat responsible intro, Kennedy drove right off the road with the patently false and fear-mongering canard that the Utah initiative is “merely a front for the recreational use of marijuana.”

Mitt Romney was maybe worse in terms of spreading whoppers (and we don’t mean to be disrespectful, but this is 2018, the facts about why 30 states have figured this out are well known by most citizens and we have the right to expect better of people running for high office):

“This ballot initiative is not medicinal marijuana. I support medicinal marijuana” but only with “…prescriptions from real doctors, filled by real pharmacies.”

“This ballot initiative opens the doors to corner stores selling marijuana laced brownies and gummi bears” and he went on “…in our schools, across our state…”

We’re sure Gov. Romney knows that federal law makes the doctor recommendation/dispensary system necessary in legal states. And knows – or OUGHT to know that under the UMCA there’s a ceiling of around 15 dispensaries for the entire state.

Also, “medible” preparations won’t be “laced” with anything (a term used for poisoning people), rather will be formulated with specific amounts of appropriate medicine.

And the last we checked, Utah has more than 15 corners.

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