Perspective worth sharing: Alcohol, tobacco, medicinal cannabis.


– Legal and widely available.
– No doctor’s recommendation required.
– Doesn’t cure or alleviate any disease.
– Even moderate use has the potential to harm and lead to death over time, with many thousands of Utahns victims of cigarette-precipitated illnesses.
– Cause of huge otherwise unnecessary medical expenses, burdening individuals and society as a whole.
– Highly and strongly dependence-inducing among a majority of users. “Quitting smoking” is a large industry on its own. Many users continue until or near death.

– Serious legal efforts to prohibit tobacco sale or use in Utah: ZERO.


– Legal and widely available.
– No doctor’s recommendation.
– Few medicinal uses (although there are some uses of drinkable alcohol)
– Abuse associated with many serious to fatal medical and psychiatric conditions.
– Associated with inter-familial violence and abuse, interpersonal conflict, other crime.
– As used, the most impairing drug in terms of effect on ability to drive – by far – in comparison to all classes of commonly used drugs – including cannabis.
– Cause of huge otherwise unnecessary medical expenses burdening individuals and society.
– Very and highly dependence-inducing to a subset of the population. Difficult to stop, and some users are unable to.

– Serious legal efforts to prohibit alcohol sale or use in Utah: ZERO.

Medical cannabis:

– Illegal in Utah…unless the UMCI is enacted into law…and in that case…
– A doctor’s professional recommendation and evidence of prior condition required.
– Only available to approved patients/caregivers.
– Maximum of 15 outlets statewide.
– No known deaths directly associated with use.
– Very low toxicity compared to tobacco and alcohol – and prescription drugs.
– Many known and emerging research-validated important medical uses, despite vigorous efforts to suppress research.
– Likely decreased medical spending and improved outcomes, so a benefit to both patients and society as a whole.
– Mildly to moderately dependence-inducing to a subset of users (mostly youthful and heavy users).
– Motivated attempts to stop generally successful, not associated with strong physical withdrawal symptoms common to cessation of smoking, drinking and #opioids.

– Efforts to prohibit MC sale or use in Utah:


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“In 2015 alcohol and tobacco use cost the population more than a quarter of a billion disability‐adjusted life years, with illicit drugs costing a further tens of millions.”

The estimated prevalence among adults was 18.3% for heavy episodic alcohol use (in the past 30 days); 15.2% for daily tobacco smoking; and 3.8% for past-year cannabis use.”

Perspective… …too bad the UMA has none.


See full article – Global statistics on alcohol, tobacco and illicit drug use: 2017 status report – Peacock – – Addiction – Wiley Online Library