“The devil’s in the details as we say.”
~Gov. Herbert

Call us surprised (we had hoped for better), but given the mixed signals the governor has sent, we really can’t call his announced active opposition to the Initiative surprising.

Even if his stated rationale fails to hold together at the most basic level….

“‘I do believe that people support marijuana use for medicinal purposes. I’d support it, too. I just want to have science behind it making sure we understand it does do something good. Not just an anecdotal,’ the governor said.”

In what universe has Gov. Herbert not been made aware of the literally tens of thousands of scientific papers – with the great majority showing benefits – in the last 20 years alone – already making cannabis one of the most, if not THE most intensively scientifically studied drug in the HISTORY of pharmacology??

So the Governor is either willfully unaware – or – he’s assuming he’s reaching a public who won’t look into these easily discernable facts as he goes about being “actively opposed.”

PS: There would have been many more studies being done in the last EIGHTY years if politicians of the illogical anti-cannabis stripe hadn’t used government to make gathering the facts the governor bemoans much harder than it’s needed to be.

We share likely at least 20 new studies a month – all reported from professional journals, many with control groups, large sample sizes and long durations – because MC’s exciting potentials are finally getting the attention they’ve long deserved.

The best is yet to come in the young medical cannabis field.

Seriously, it becomes wearisome to use our forums to keep establishing well-known basic science when opponents continue to come from positions that aren’t fact-based.

There ARE useful discussions to be had about how to best bring safe, legal, affordable and equitable access – about business and clinical models – and other aspects – and advocates are ready to dialog.

But the debate the governor seems to want to have – about whether medical cannabis is known to be safe and effective and whether society can cope with it – has been factually SETTLED. For years. As evidenced by millions of patients being successfully served in over half of the states and around the world.

That said, we’ve only scratched the surface of the linked article which includes other remarks from the Utah Patients Coalition and TRUCE. Dig in! And please share – with your opinions. The issue’s going to be in YOUR hands – NOT the Gov’s – this fall.

Still, you might also want to share your (respectful and factual please) opinions with the #Governor, just to let him know the 77% polling figures are real…


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