Another day, another (scientific) (more than anecdotal) study showing further benefits of and potential new applications for medical cannabis….

“A new study has found that CBD, one of the main compounds in cannabis, shows significant antiviral properties, and specifically when it comes to protecting the body from the Hepatitis C virus.

The study, conducted by Dr. Lowe, a Professor from the University of Maryland School of Medicine, which was published in the highly-respected Pharmacognosy Research Journal, suggests that CBD could be an effective treatment for more than 3 million Americans who suffer from HCV.

In 2017, it is estimated that at least 20,000 Americans will die from liver cancer, most of which due to HCV. Researchers who carried out the study, found that the phytochemical, CBD, inhibits HCV, as well as being generally antiviral.

Traditionally, when it comes to studying CBD, its anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and anti-oxidant properties are the ones researchers focused on, until now that is. This groundbreaking study took a much closer look at CBD as an antiviral agent, and the findings were compelling.”

While this research is preliminary, it is promising, and while there is an existing cure for Hepatitis C, it costs over $100,000 and has not been available to all sufferers, plus the findings of confirmed anti-viral activity by CBD, suggest multiple further lines of research.

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