Sunday Special: Federal Reform… …Part Two: Here a bill, there a bill, everywhere a bill bill…

Aside from two temporary measures which have to be renewed annually which provide states with a small measure of protection from federal interference in state medical cannabis programs, there has been little meaningful reform for decades at the national level. And the bills being filed have been thinly sponsored and seldom even given hearings.

That’s finally changing, and like a rolling stone starting to move others, and with huge levels of public support for the programs, legislative reform proposals are starting to become almost an avalanche, with an increasing number of more prominent politicians acting as sponsors and co-sponsors (Including both of Utah’s Senators for two different bills, and at least one other Senator with possible ambitions to run for president).

The linked article is the best summary of what’s been introduced that we’ve found, and if we’ve counted right, mentions 27 (27!) separate federal bills. Most of these, of course, stand little chance of passage (see Part One earlier today, e.g.), but odds are rapidly increasing that meaningful federal action may not be that far away since the issue is one where there’s more old-fashioned bipartisanship than on many other issues.

Besides the Senators mentioned above and others in both houses of Congress, the article note the formation earlier this year of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus, a group of US Representatives formed to develop a united front to further congressional action on cannabis.

Brief Excerpt:

“Here’s a rundown of the cannabis bills before the 115th U.S. Congress, including medical measures and a proposal to end federal marijuana prohibition, plus a listing of the Cannabis Caucus members as announced or as they become publicly available.”

The article has also been updated since it was originally published in March because so many more measures have been introduced … and please note there are a lot of related links in the article for each bill and more coverage.

Our highest recommendation for some interesting and enlightening reading about exactly what winds of change are blowing down the halls on Capitol Hill…..

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See full article – Guide to federal marijuana and hemp bills, Congressional Cannabis Caucus (updated 9/14/17)