Last legislative session, a bill was passed that quietly moved CBD into Utah drug schedule 3 (not federal schedule, state). The stipulation is the product must have FDA approval to be reclassified from schedule 1. The benefit is rescheduled CBD would be legal to prescribe by Utah doctors. No CBD currently has FDA approval, but one should get the nod this summer. It’s from GW Pharma, a British drug company that makes Epidiolex. This is the same CBD product that was given the green light for human research under Charlee’s Law, and was found beneficial for epileptic children in the study at Primary Children’s Medical Center. This new law gives GWP a monopoly on CBD prescriptions, which will put millions of dollars in GWP’s pockets. Not surprisingly, the same bill, almost word for word, was presented in North and South Dakota. (South Dakota passed the bill, after removing the sentence about FDA approval.)
Who wrote the bill? Not a Utah legislator… it was presented by the American division of….G W Pharmaceuticals.    

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