Change of pace Tuesday… …super high tech from hemp…

We plan a series clarifying and highlighting the various differences (and a few similarities) between industrial hemp and medical/adult personal use cannabis.

For now, though, here’s one example – from engineers (right here at the University of Utah) – showing yet again how totally the world shot itself in the foot when it prohibited industrial hemp production in nearly all places at the same time psychoactive cannabis was criminalized and prohibited…

…for absolutely no reason other than collusion between hemp’s competitors and law-makers in a political atmosphere of propaganda, fear and confusion….. …so a senseless, counter-productive move no matter how one feels about the medical/personal variety…

…because people can smoke a carload of it and no high because (virtually) no THC in hemp. It’s precisely like competitors lobbying to arbitrarily make soy beans illegal (because they’re related to some other kind of scary bean, although THEY”RE not scary)…. …and suddenly thousands of products disappear or are never born….

Hemp has the potential to be the key ingredient in thousands of state of the art/best in class products in all kinds of fields (with a few mentioned in the video) – all produced much more sustainably – and often at a fraction of the cost – compared to their legal but much dirtier-sourced and more energy/resource-intensive industrial competitors.

PS: Since we’re a medical cannabis and not an industrial hemp org, the medical message here as we see it is that the irrational “Reefer Madness” tactics employed against hemp by a cabal of various industrial and government interests are the same ones used to panic the public about cannabis in general.

And (unproven and debunked) “cannaphobia’s” been strongly reinforced ever since by many “alphabet agencies” of government, e.g., the DEA, FDA, NIDA, and many others who make part or most of their living keeping the prohibition going in spite of all of these being uncontested facts. This year, for example, the DEA was forced to remove untrue myths from its web links this year by a lawsuit – lies it had promulgated for decades.

So how sound could those arguments be…. …then or now….???

We’re just saying…..

PPS: For any who haven’t heard, industrial hemp IS steadily inching its way towards a US comeback, and Utah is one of the states where various test crops are being set up through Utah State University. So Utah is all over this side of the hemp story…..

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