Sunday Special – New and Ongoing Research – Post 2 of 2. Meet a major research resource page you can come back to regularly for updated info: the website of The Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research (CMCR) at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD).

Rather than the individual articles we usually post, this is about an entire site devoted first to sharing the extensive MC research being done through the CMCR itself, and secondarily to the broader research world. Please share the post if you have friends interested in the cutting edge of cannabis research.

The Center was established to: “conduct high quality scientific studies intended to ascertain the medical safety and efficacy of cannabis and cannabis products and examine alternative forms of administration. The center will be seen as a model resource for health policy planning by virtue of its close collaboration with federal, state, and academic entities.”

The site is organized into tabs. Of most interest here:

The Research tab breaks into sub-tabs for Active, Pending, Completed and Discontinued research associated with the university. All of the tabs give a summary of studies at whatever stage. For the completed studies, there are links to complete free PubMed study texts, a relative rarity in the cannabis research world.

The Publications tab breaks into Scientific Publications and Reports. Scientific publications is another view of the papers generated by the University, while reports include publications of reports of interest done elsewhere, with many of these broad in scope.

The news tab is a listing of media articles about medical cannabis and related research, again discussing work done in many locales.

So we hope you hop on over and profitably while away part of your day exploring the fruits of the vast research apparatus growing up around medical cannabis (and how much is being done at a single US university in a program few of you may have ever heard of!)…

…and to the “there isn’t enough science crowd” who continue to amaze us, given that we have trouble even keeping up with all the new research, once again we offer a big, wet “Pfffffft..!!” from TRUCE…

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