Half to two-thirds of a loaf in the Sunshine State….?

After weeks of intense political infighting between the Florida House and Senate, the state’s legislature seems to be moving toward compromise on medical cannabis as the session winds down.

Given that the ballot initiative was voted for by over 71% of Floridians, this is disappointing to supporters, and especially patients, but what will be allowed if the compromise passes does promise to deliver considerable help to many……

Excerpt: “The measure, proposed by House Majority Leader Ray Rodrigues (R), brings the House closer in line with the Senate’s approach to carrying out a November constitutional amendment that legalized cannabis for patients with a broad swath of debilitating medical conditions.

The House modified the bill (HB 1397) on Friday, doing away with the 90-day requirement and allowing vaporizing and edibles as methods of consuming pot products, something proponents of the constitutional amendment had pushed. A House vote could come as soon as Tuesday.

Rodrigues said he made the changes based on testimony provided during committee hearings on the legislation.

‘We have listened, and we have worked hard to create a patient-centered process,’ Rodrigues said.”

Smoking will remain prohibited and much of the article focuses on how many producers and dispensaries will be allowed, plus civil rights considerations in that process to open opportunities to African-American producers who have been shut out by stipulations in the bills to date.

Increasingly – and in many states – the rules being set up on the business side of emerging medical cannabis laws seem to involve high-financial stakes politics where monopoly or near-monopoly licenses are real issues affecting price, availability and allowing for fair competition open to enough parties to create a viable working supply market.

In any case, as in other states, passing an Initiative is proving to be only part of the process, but if citizens keep fighting, there’s been a recent pattern where programs which can be later improved are at least being set up.

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