More science class….!!

Part VII of our deepening dive into what the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is – and does – and how it does it… …and this excursion goes the deepest yet…

…We’re thrilled about the great response to this series on rapidly developing cannabis science. We feel these ECS-focused articles are as much about the fate of the Initiative as any story in the Trib or on Fox 13…

… because an informed public will be better able to see thru the misinforming fear-mongering campaigns to come.

We want every Utahn to know the evidence. Nothing dispels myths and stereotypes better than the light of truth… …which is where you all come in to help us spread knowledge in your groups and communities. Your sharing matters!

Meanwhile, we’ve been zoning in on how an optimally functioning human endocannabinoid system (ECS) plays a role in all the Initiative’s conditions – and more – and how medical cannabis has a hand in glove relationship with the ECS which boosts its functioning..

Today’s installment adds more ECS info in general and digs into just how MC works to help control pain and anxiety. Another good read which doesn’t much repeat what’s been in earlier articles as much as it deepens and extends it, and which is particularly well illustrated to help visualize what’s being discussed.

[Note: The series began on August the 7th if you want to scroll back. But that’s a pain. You can find them faster via a facebook hashtag search. Just type or paste this into the facebook search bar, and voila! There they are in order. Thanks, Mark Zuckerberg!!]

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