Medical cannabis for many cancers and cancer symptoms has shown considerable promise for decades in small scale research, animal and tissue studies, etc., and there are so many thousands of anecdotal reports of patient success with using it that many oncologists (unofficially) support patients who choose to do so (and who for pain and appetite management in legal medical states, can openly recommend it).

However the full promise and definitive scientific knowledge have lagged behind as US federal policies have kept large scale research from going forward.

International research, supported by an increasing number of countries is starting to gear up, however, and more evidence is accumulating. Here’s a new (and very scientifically conservative) report on the state of what’s known:

“A new research review investigates the evidence regarding cannabis’ role in cancer care. In the study, published in the peer-reviewed journal Current Oncology, Dr. Donald Abrams presents research demonstrating cannabis’ potential benefits for cancer-related symptom management and at treating cancer itself.”

The article concentrates on what is known about the benefits for patients undergoing chemotherapy in terms of neuropathic pain, nausea suppression, appetite stimulation, and the still “pre-clinical” promise in treating many cancers themselves.

Among the most established evidence: “A systematic review of 30 randomized controlled trials involving 1138 patients found cannabinoids to be more effective for reducing chemotherapy-induced nausea than conventional medications…. …and [beyond those studies] is the only nausea-suppressing substance that also stimulates appetite, makes food taste better, and increases caloric intake.”

“The review also makes note of a 2014 WebMD poll, indicating that 82 percent of oncologists believe their cancer patients should have legal access to cannabis.”

Links to a more complete review of the evidence are provided in the article.

TRUCE take: We’re continually frustrated that superstitions, propaganda and competing economic interest keep suppressing some of the most promising approaches to managing and treating diseases like cancer, and take what comfort we can in signs of the chains holding back progress being broken link by painful link.

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