This is the fourth recent article focusing on deeper aspects of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and how medical cannabis actually works in the body. Not planned but a new wave of fairly in-depth articles have been coming out, they’ve been well received according to your likes, views and shares, etc., and since we find the medical science aspects fascinating, we thank you for your interest. The more we all learn….

Today’s article is an overview of how two disparate bodily systems – the ECS and the Immune System – may be connected. Various autoimmune diseases are a growing focus of clinical cannabis research (i.e., work with actual patients) so we’re learning WHAT works, but in time science wants to tease out HOW this all actually happens in the body to help optimize our use of cannabis.

We know the ECS acts as a key homeostasis-maintaining mechanism by seeking, for one thing, to correct inflammatory imbalances. When the system is overtaxed, cannabis’ phyto-(plant source)-cannabinoid medicines can augment its own endo-(internally made)-cannabinoids… …as discussed in yesterday’s article about Endocannabinoid Deficiency (ECD)

Autoimmune diseases cause inflammation and we also know added whole plant cannabis compounds can reduce inflammation. There are clues as to how this symphony gets played here, and lots of research left, but one thing is crystal clear: We know enough about all of this to do a lot of good for a whole lot of patients.

The article is a good read that taught us a few new things and refreshed our knowledge on others… …beginning with the fact the “immune system” is not one, but two main semi-independent and somewhat different subsystems. Enjoy. Learn. Share.

And please – let us know what kind of articles interest you the most in the comments – articles on cannabis science (like this series of posts); articles on particular recent study findings; individual patient features that share people’s experiences with MC; local news coverage of the ballot initiative and other UT cannabis stories; federal developments in cannabis policy; news from other states and countries; what opponents of medical cannabis are doing in their spare time…?? Something else…..?? This is your place too…

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