Medical cannabis opponents: You can’t control dosing in medical cannabis and the methods for inhaling it are inherently dangerous.

Reality: Wrong and wrong.

Here’s still another indication as to the reasons why… …and in this case, it’s the scheduled deployment of an FDA-approved device designed to be safely used by asthma and COPD patients….

“The Aura’s Portable Nebulizer is widely acclaimed and recommended by the nation’s top Pulmonologists and Respiratory Therapists for use in treating asthma and COPD and now will be used by millions more worldwide. The device will be marketed under the brand name ‘Nebican.’

Utilizing specially developed controlled dosages, the Nebican is the answer to medical practitioners and patients worldwide as demand turns towards medical cannabis to alleviate numerous ailments.

Nebican uses an innovative form of atomization which emits extremely thin and fog-like vapor. Like air, the mist released from the inhaler can easily penetrate deep into the lungs. Pocket sized, it is portable, discreet, convenient and easy to use.

‘We are proud to pair our unique delivery platform, that until now been used for prescription medications including Albuterol®, Pulmicort Respules®, DuoNeb® Intal and others, with targeted formulation from Ci Therapeutics,” said Connie Lefkowitz, CEO of Aura Medical’.”

Once again, tiny Israel forges ahead, while the hangover from US’s decades of only looking for harms continues to hamper research and deployment here.

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