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Telemundo Utah is covering the medical cannabis issue actively. We invite all of our Spanish-speaking readers to check out their coverage at (search for “marihuana” on their site). And if readers know other Spanish language resources covering the story, please post them in the comments.

Meanwhile, a recent Telemundo story included an interview with TRUCE’s Nathan Frodsham.

What follows is not an exact transcript, rather a shortened translation of parts of the piece.

With respect to medical marijuana in Utah, 2 bills were approved, one that allows approved farmers to cultivate for terminal patients and for research, and another allowing the sale of oils with CBD extracts.

Now local organizations want to expand the use of medical marijuana even more.

Reporter Juliana Paiz explains…

Voice Over:
The Utah Patients Coalition is collecting signatures for state elections in November. The ballot question can be added to approve the operation and cultivation and would allow people with certain medical conditions to obtain a prescription.

Currently the bill that was approved only allows patients who are diagnosed to die within 6 months to participate, a law many people consider ridiculous since it amounts to “the right to try if you promise to die.”

This electoral initiative will allow medical marijuana to be used in forms such as edibles, also in oils, lotions or vaporizers.

Nathan Frodsham:
Basically this takes the vote to the people to decide whether to have a medical cannabis program. We have tried for many years to get something passed through the legislature, but we have had resistance, so we decided it was time to let the people decide democratically.

Voice Over:
Exactly how many signatures are needed for this initiative to enter the election?

Justin Lee, UT Director of Elections:
It is necessary to collect more than 113 thousand signatures at the state level and have 10 percent of signatures in 26 of the 29 State Senate districts.

Voice Over:
Currently Utah Patients Coalition has collected around 117 thousand signatures, more than required, but still need to comply with the 10 percent requirement in each district, and they have until April 16 to do it.

Justin Lee, UT Director of Elections:
If the initiative qualifies to be on the ballot, the language and the way in which the question is written is directed by the legislative council of general investigation.

Voice Over:
For now, organizations in favor of medical marijuana continue pushing for the ballot initiative to allow patients to have legal and safe access.

Juliana Paiz:
However, Representative Brad Daw who proposed the bill that allows patients with terminal diseases to use medical marijuana cultivated in Utah worries that this electoral initiative is too open for the use and dispensation of marijuana.

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