CBD and anxiety: When less may be more….

According to anecdotal reports, relatively low doses of CBD are being reported to be effective at treating anxiety, pain, and a host of other disorders…

“So why not crank up the CBD dose to reduce your anxiety? If a little is good, shouldn’t a lot be better? It turns out that for CBD, the answer is no; CBD’s medicinal efficacy might require a particular dose range. Call it a ‘Goldilocks Zone,’ where there’s not too much CBD but not too little, either.

Intriguingly, this Goldilocks Zone differs for each disorder. For instance, CBD appears to treat anxiety at relatively low doses compared to the high doses used to treat epilepsy.

…An animal study published back in 1990 found that low to moderate CBD doses reduced anxiety, but CBD’s anti-anxiety effect disappeared at higher doses. Importantly, the authors note an inverted-U response to CBD.

While it may sound out of the ordinary, this ‘inverted-U’ effect [also referred to as ‘the dose-response effect] is actually quite common among drugs that affect multiple brain receptors, as CBD does. In fact, 37% of published toxicology articles report some degree of an inverted-U response, indicating that this is not a random event but instead reflects differential drug effects on brain targets.

The wide spectrum of CBD’s medical indications—it is used as a treatment for pain, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other conditions—reflects its diverse set of brain and body targets. Since each of these many medical problems is impacted by CBD acting on specific receptors in the brain and body, differences in sensitivity for these targets may underlie CBD’s inverted U-response and define its Goldilocks Zone.”

As medicinal cannabis treatment becomes more mainstream, these issues will become better understand and more worked out.

For example, another story we blogged some months back on related research found that CBD in full-flower cannabis preparations (bred for minimal THC but with a full complement of other cannabinoids) had a wider “Goldilocks Zone” both at low doses, and again as doses increased than single molecule CBD (such as that refined from hemp), so CBD was more effective over a more forgiving range of doses when part of a matrix of cannabinoids than “hemp CBD oil” was alone.

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