Stick that in your pipe and… …measure it…..

One (more) (tired) opponent argument tossed at medical cannabis is that with inhaled cannabis dosage can’t be measured, so physicians can’t prescribe with enough accuracy to reliably help patients.

However, here’s an invention that promises to let the world say goodbye to whatever extent this blown-up concern has ever mattered – which is – in fact – not much at all in day to day practice. This is because patients and doctors can start “low and slow” and “titrate up” the amount being used until finding what schedule works optimally for that patient… …just as doctors do with many, many meds….

…Except that the process is actually much safer with cannabis than with the great majority of pharmaceutical drugs because of cannabis’ much lower than average toxicity and its total lack of lethality.

And now this clever invention being readied for the world market throws the rest of the “insufficient precision” argument into a cocked hat:


“The world’s first metered-dose cannabis inhaler allows doctors to provide patients with exact doses of medical marijuana in a controlled setting.

The inhaler has several advantages over traditional medical cannabis products, including the ability to provide an exact dosage. A dose of concentrated cannabis vapor can take full effect in three to five minutes, a substantial improvement on oils or edibles, which can take hours to be fully absorbed by the body.

The device contains thermal controllers and lung monitoring that automatically adjust the device’s airflow to compensate for the user’s pace of inhalation … with a level of precision of 100 micrograms, ‘a medically acceptable threshold of accuracy,’ according to The Jerusalem Post, that other medical cannabis products have been unable to provide.

‘We are able to deliver a plant with the same rigor, safety and precision as a [traditional] pharmaceutical,’ Syqe Medical CEO Perry Davidson says.

The inhaler is also a smart device, capable of transmitting usage data back to the company immediately after each use. This usage data can allow the company to conduct further research on the efficacy of their product as their user base expands.

[More high tech:]

Rather than using oil-based vapor extracts, the device utilizes a cartridge full of preloaded VaporChips – cannabis-infused dosage units no larger than a computer chip.

Unlike the U.S., Israel supports entrepreneurs researching the medical benefits of cannabis. Syqe Medical received $1 million in funding from the Israel Innovation Authority…”

Seems like there’s always something new on the horizon when it comes to medical cannabis developments these days.

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