Medical cannabis in the national news: Quips, quotes and puns (including a number from Utah’s own Orrin Hatch)….

Medical cannabis has been one of the most talked about topics in the news over the last three years as reform momentum has only continued to build and more and more states have approved full programs including whole plant forms of the medicine.

In fact (including limited laws like Utah’s allowing CBD for childhood epilepsy without a clear path to legal purchase), 95% of Americans live in a jurisdiction where some kind of access has been legalized, and over 60% live in the 29 states plus DC, Puerto Rico and Guam which have implemented or are in the process of implementing full legal medical cannabis programs.

Yet on Capitol Hill and in the Justice Department, rear guard resistance has continued to block nearly all meaningful federal reform, despite all of this action in states across the country, and despite polling showing that nationwide, over 90% of Americans now favor medical cannabis.

This gridlock is naturally leading to more and more talk around the country. This article has some of the most recent – ranging from the serious to the off-base to some stand-up routine try outs by Senator Hatch, and more….

Meanwhile there ARE lots of reform proposals in Congress and TRUCE plans to highlight a number of them soon to help you compare what’s out there….

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