A portion of a (lively) debate between ballot opponents and advocates which aired on KUTV and KJZZ on 8/27…..

This portion covers the last 20 minutes or so of the program. Note that the commercials are blacked out, and you can fast forward through the silent breaks.

Who’s who: The opponents in lab coats are Dr. Paul Clayton, president of the Utah Medical Association (UMA). FYI, Dr. Clayton publicly said (this year) that medical marijuana is as medically valuable as the dangerous synthetic drug, bath salts).

The other lab-coated doubter is Dr. Mark Baer, a Utah pain management physician. The advocates were Christine Stenquist, well-known to all TRUCE blog readers, and Steve Urquhart.

Feel free to comment below and/or on the KUTV feed itself. We’re please to report that supporting comments on KUTV 2News have far outnumbered negative ones, and in fact, nearly completely so.

TRUCE take: When the opponents raise “wide public safety issues,” it should be noted that neither probably has a similar problem with the 80,000 confirmed annual deaths from Rx medication complications as opposed to the zero ever deaths directly attributable to cannabis (including all forms of uncontrolled black market use).

Also, the public safety issue concerns around medical cannabis being introduced into an environment where cigarettes (hundreds of thousands of annual deaths), alcohol (associated with many diseases, car accident deaths and interpersonal violence, also approaching 100,000 annual deaths), and legal opioid pain meds (another huge killer) strikes us as nearly bizarre. Especially given that medical cannabis has been definitively associated with worsening nearly none of these issues, and indications are that’s it’s SAVING lives in a number of ways.

The false equivalencies people raise sometimes astound us.

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