We’ve been hoping this wouldn’t happen – for the sake of all Utahns and the sake of all of our supporters – especially our LDS supporters who are going to be under pressure from multiple directions.

Still, LDS leadership has decided that as an organization they get to dictate which laws should be passed in Utah – no matter what the evidence says about the medical efficacy and safety of cannabis – no matter what the will of citizens of the state is – and no matter that they’re accepting of LDS patients in legal states.

But, sadly, they are treating Utah as “their territory” where they can throw their weight around – and they’re arguing not as a matter of religion – first, treating the UMA’s discredited, nearly truth free, entirely undocumented statement as “wise counsel” (as if..!) – and now, hiring a law firm to gin up as many scary statements from the initiative’s language to try to convince people the UMCI is something that it’s not….

And so we have a sign to post:

“This is Not a Recreational Bill.

This is a Medical Cannabis Initiative.”

We know there’s going to be major reaction – we’ve spent years learning about you and your dedication to help bring cannabis medicine to Utah and we definitely feel your pain.

NOTE: NO ALLY SHAMING. That is, say what you will about the organization as an org in our forums – but NO personal attacks on Mormons as people will be tolerated. Dividing our hard-won coalition of people from all faiths and parties is one key OPPONENT goal and we’re not going to help them by allowing open season by people with grievances.

Again, our name is TRUCE for a reason.

There will be much more commentary in days to come about this impressive-LOOKING (but shallow, deceptive) analysis, however, note that it LEADS with the most TANGENTIAL point in the ENTIRE initiative: The provision allowing 6 plants to be grown by patients more than 100 miles from a dispensary.

So the first two things you can tell folks who take this seriously are:

1) That provision wouldn’t take effect until… …2021…! And then ONLY if the state doesn’t open dispensaries. The law allows for approximately 15.

2) If only five-eight dispensaries opened around the state in places you’d expect, the 100 mile zones will cover Utah. And the legislature will have two chances to amend this if they choose.

Ergo NO home grows. Ergo no main scary point.

Here’s a graphic illustration: https://ift.tt/2KPV2CJ

So this is simply hysteria. And it’s the main point the law firm has chosen to lead with, because it SOUNDS bad.

Here’s the whole law firm statement: https://ift.tt/2G8hqn7

We plan to keep shooting these argument-by-distraction tactics down as they pop up. And we ask all rational, fair-minded, science-accepting people in Utah to stick with us.

Courage and camaraderie…

#MMJ #UTpol #TRUCE    

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