As always, TRUCE will continue to focus on our educational efforts about the science of medical cannabis, bringing you the human stories of patients, and in sharing news about medical cannabis developments first in Utah, and also around the country and the world.

In that spirit, this is one such relevant news story given the institutional importance of the LDS church, but not one we plan to give any undue focus, as we believe the facts of about the relatively advanced state of medical cannabis research – a robust and constantly growing mountain of medically credible evidence – will speak for themselves as individual Utahns make up their minds on the issue, hopefully based on a weighing of that evidence.

We only want to ensure the citizens of the states have as much accurate information as possible.

TRUCE is non-partisan, and as the both the name TRUCE and meaning of our acronym implies, we’re a group of people drawn together from many faiths and beliefs, and from all of Utah’s political parties and political independents who’ve joined “Together for Responsible Use and Cannabis Education.” Our ranks thus include both active LDS members and non-members working together on our board and in our volunteer supporters, while respecting each other’s diverse beliefs.

We also truly hope the debate stays focused on the medical facts and doesn’t revolve around matters external to whether medical cannabis is safe, effective and can be well and professionally managed in the manner set forth in the Ballot Initiative.

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