We feel it’s important to respectfully point out something which ought to stay top of mind now that LDS Church leadership has now joined the debate on the initiative:

Specifically, NOTHING church authorities have said is being claimed to be doctrine or received wisdom from a higher authority.

First, they leaned on the “wise counsel” of the Utah Medical Association. This, as we and others have abundantly pointed out, is a terrible idea. The UMA has NEVER made a scientific case against medicinal cannabis, and has flung numerous unfounded accusations and innuendoes against supporters. We might expect this behavior from a fringe political group, but from the state’s Medical Association, it’s disgraceful.

Now church leaders commissioned their own law farm to scour the initiative’s texts to find and trumpet the most minor points into headline-grabbing objections without the slightest nod to balance. Also: these are all points amendable by the legislature – long before it would go into effect.

The “analysis” leads, e.g., with the notion that people will be allowed to “grow their own” – when in fact that provision – designed to prod the state into opening dispensaries before 2021 – wouldn’t be triggered until then – and ONLY if a small number of dispensaries aren’t open. And as few as FIVE dispersed dispensaries would render the provision moot. See: https://bit.ly/2IECHdo

This is not how fair-minded people taking a balanced, objective look at legislation have a reasoned debate.

As we see it then, church leadership should be regarded as are any other committed partisans, i.e., as people with opinions, not as respected religious leaders interpreting the word of god, since this is NOT what they’re claiming in their remarks.

From the article:

“Reaction is pouring in after the LDS Church released a legal analysis of the medical marijuana ballot initiative in Utah. One active member whose son is terminally ill read the memo and is confused about why the church is holding such a strong stance.

‘My faith in God has only grown understanding how cannabis works in our body,’ Dave Cromar said.

Through prayer and revelation, Cromar says he was guided to medical marijuana four years ago to help his then 7-year-old son, who suffers from epilepsy.

‘It’s the first time we found true success and healing in our son,’ Cromar said.

…some LDS Church members like Cromar are left with questions for church leaders.

‘I would like to know these statements that you’re making, are they coming from revelation or are they just pure opposition to legal issues, or where is this coming from? This isn’t doctrine so what is it?’ Cromar said.”

You know our answer. And we advise readers to do what the leaders say at the end of their statement:

“We invite all to read the attached memorandum and to make their own judgment.”

That is, if you’re LDS, we hear this statement saying to you:

Make. Your. Own. Judgement.

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