A few big numbers….

How big…?

More and more of the PLANET’S people are rapidly on the road to legal medical cannabis. With Mexico joining Canada and most of the US, all of North America – a zone home to nearly 500 million people – is now (save for 21 US states) a whole plant medical cannabis CONTINENT…!

But think even bigger….

India – see linked article – may soon allow 1.3 BILLION more people legal access.

N. America, Eurozone countries, Australia, and other legal areas added to India total around a third of the world’s population – so possibly over 2 billion within 12-24 months. With more on the way.

From maybe a few million in the year 2000. And zero in 1970.

So… …big acceptance of MC. Big momentum. Huge amounts of accumulating clinical experience. The biggest medical story of the 21st century to date.

Soon, many tens of millions of diagnosed patients will have been safely and mostly effectively treated with whole plant medical cannabis.

Think about that…. …every patient is a case study. TRUCE will take millions of case studies to one FDA big single molecule trial as evidence any day. This accumulated info IS a type of medical proof in its own right.

Millions and counting of cases and observations – going back over 8,000 years – all noting a) similar results for the same problems – b) a wide range of applicability to many ailments – and c) all with spectacularly low rates of toxicity.

Plus, 25,000 recent scientific publications, hundreds of peer-reviewed studies, AND the few FDA-approved cannabinoiod drugs adding FDA cred to the rest.

Put that together and it’s….. ….you know…. ….big…

Fittingly India may well be the ancestral home of cannabis, or the plant might have come from nearby, possiblyTibet, but in any event it would have spread widely through well-developed ancient trade routes in that area, so part of Indian culture for as long as humans have lived there.

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