Breaking Legislative News… …Delaying Initiatives’ implemenation…??

A certain Utah rep (can you guess who??) thinks it’s his business to undo what he’s afraid the people may change… …before they even change it…!

That is, Rep. Daw NOW wants to change the constitution in mid-stream to stop the possibility that the likely will of the people will be carried out by passing the proposed medical cannabis initiative (and other initiative proposals as well).

Maybe he should spend time listening to Utahns, patients, and medical cannabis program admins/practitioners instead of being a one-man wrecking crew who seems to devote 24/7/365 to coming up with ever more ways to carry out his own narrow, anti-patient agenda in the most unhelpful of ways.

This strikes us as much more serious than his diversionary
HB195/197 pilot program, which itself is a serious attempt to create doubt about the need for the initiative.

In other words, this – if the Legislature were to adopt his latest proposal – could end up directly pitting that body – and essentially the state – against the people’s will.


“A Utah House member wants to put off for 7 months the effective date of any citizen initiative petition voters adopt this coming November.

Rep. Brad Daw, R-Orem, says HB471 will give lawmakers time during their next general session [Jan-Mar 2019] to make budget and statutory changes to accommodate ‘the voice of the people,’ who want the new law or spending measure.

[In other words, he’s just doing this as a public service to us. NOT…!]

…he says, several of those ballot measures make changes in tax rates, while all have parts that would be contrary to current law.

And lawmakers need time to make those adjustments.

[The] exec. director of the Count My Vote citizen initiative, says: ‘For the Legislature to interfere with ongoing initiatives is poor judgment and a bad idea.’

….Of course, cynics may say Daw’s HB471 is somehow an attempt to repeal or change the petition[s] – [which may be] adopted by voters.

He says that is not so.”

And yes, we have a famous New York City bridge for sale too.

The laws regarding how ballot initiatives that pass get implemented are clear.

The legislature has the right to re-examine them in the future for future ballot initiatives, but we feel it raises constitutional – and good faith – questions to offer a bill which changes the fate of passed initiatives which have been accepted by the state in compliance with Utah laws to be enacted under those laws at the time they were accepted.

Here’s how to find, then contact your reps and senators: Go to and click on “My Legislators.”

We advise sticking to your whether HB471 should advance and why – and against personal attacks on legislators or parties. (Flies, honey, vinegar, etc…)

But we strongly advise making yourselves heard on this one!

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