Sunday Special: A matter of life and death (part eight)… …medicinal cannabis and liver disease:

This series (continued from last Sunday) is covering topics subjected to meta analysis by Indiana University about the effects of medical cannabis on various conditions, and which concluded up to 47,000 lives or more could be saved by national legalization….

“A new report demonstrates cannabinoids could provide a new choice of treatment for those suffering from one of today’s deadlier forms of liver cancer.

HCC – also known as Hepatocellular Carcinoma – is one of the most common forms of liver cancer affecting men over the age of 50. Long considered to be one of the more lethal cancer-related illnesses, HCC accounts for roughly 75% of all liver cancers.

HCC, unlike metastatic liver cancer, starts and remains in the liver, and is caused by scarring within this vital organ. While there may be many root sources of this deadly scarring within the liver (a.k.a. cirrhosis of the liver), the primary players are; alcohol abuse, autoimmune diseases of the liver, and the hepatitis B or C virus.

Currently only a few viable treatment options are offered, but according to a report published by The US National Library of Medicine at the NIH, cannabinoids may soon provide a treatment option for this insidious disease.

‘The present study aimed to investigate the effects of cannabinoids as novel therapeutic targets in HCC.’ By utilizing synthetic cannabinoids on the damaged cell lines, the scientists discovered that even man-made cannabinoids inhibited the growth of HCC, leading to a healthier liver and cell cycle arrest.

‘These results suggested that cannabinoid receptor agonists, including WIN, may be considered as novel therapeutics for the treatment of HCC’.”

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