Sunday spotlight on cannabis history: Part Four – A matter of perspective.

To round today’s series up, and to end on an up note, we’ll share a little historical sidelight we happened to stumble across in researching today’s articles – and a charming, hopeful story we had never heard about before.

We’ve often published (including especially today of course) on the roots of the demonization of cannabis. But this hasn’t always been the way cannabis was seen and valued in all cultures – and in fact not in most cultures in most times.

For example, compare the 20th Century western “Marihuana, Assassin of American Youth” campaign that defined popular perceptions for over half a century – for much of the world – to this very different perception on another continent in another time.

Meet Magu: The Healing Hemp Goddess of Ancient Asia…


“The ‘criminal’ side of cannabis itself is rather new [in historical terms]…

…[Cannabis] has long been part of medicinal and spiritual practices in various cultures throughout history. A prominent religion that valued cannabis was Taoism (or Daoism) in ancient China.

The Chinese even had a caretaker for this herb; her name is Magu.

Considered in ancient East Asia to be equivalent to the divine ambrosia of the Greek gods, hemp has long been named an ‘elixir of life.’

The goddess Magu’s association with cannabis primarily lies in its use as a healing plant. The majority of Magu’s mythological stories revolve around the ways in which she aided the poor and the sick.”

Much (MUCH) more in the story – and beautiful illustrations as well….!

TRUCE take: It’s time to bring back Magu to drive out the Reefer Madness holdouts….!!

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