Sunday focus: the international picture… …Part four: the island nation of Malta.

Here’s a series of short articles covering many of the aspects of Malta’s moving toward fuller legalization of medicinal cannabis. As we’ve often noted about the US states, every country seems to be trailblazing its own unique path, as pro-medical cannabis supporters armed with evidence and strong public support in many corners of the globe roll back entrenched resistance dating back to at least the 1930s where and as they find it…..

Excerpts (from multiple articles in the link):

“The 2015 reform of Malta’s drug laws saw medical cannabis partially legalised as a last resort for chronic pain sufferers. However, two years down the line, not a single patient has yet been treated with medical cannabis because the only form of it which can be prescribed – the mouth spray Sativex – cannot be found on the Maltese market.

All doctors may soon be able to prescribe medicine derived from cannabis as government plans to present the legal changes to Parliament in the coming days.

The Bill to amend the Drug Dependency Act will make it possible for general practitioners to prescribe the medicine, a government spokesperson said.

A major change… is that all doctors will be able to prescribe medicinal cannabis to their patients. As the law stands currently, only specialists can prescribe medicinal cannabis, and in reality, very few people have been able to successfully have it prescribed in Malta, making medicinal cannabis legal in theory but inaccessible in practice.”

We could focus on many other nations, but we tend to pick examples from the latest news and Malta along with Germany, Lithuania, and Jamaica are nations currently making strides (and waves)…. …good luck wishes from TRUCE to Maltan patients-in-waiting as well….

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