“Figures don’t lie, but….”

Re-debunking another myth that will not die… …medical cannabis laws are NOT associated with higher rates of traffic fatalities, despite groups continuing to quote statistics claiming otherwise.

These stats are pure misinfo. Those publishing such “data” certainly have been provided with the real context and simply continue to spread alarmism, which in our book makes them propagandists.

Fact: Legal medical cannabis (and dispensaries) are actually associated with DECREASED traffic fatalities.

From The Journal of Public Health:

“US Traffic Fatalities, 1985–2014, and Medical Marijuana Laws (MML)

Results: [While not uniformly true] on average, MML states had lower traffic fatality rates than non-MML states.

MM laws were associated with immediate reductions in fatalities in those 15 to 44, and with additional yearly gradual reductions in those 25 to 44.

Dispensaries were also associated with reductions in those 25 to 44.”


Where do the false stories come from then?

From “studies” claiming to showing more fatal accidents (and all accidents) after states legalize more cannabis uses – “research” based on the results of defective testing. Inactive cannabis “metabolites” show up for up to a month after use Any physical effects last only hours.

Thus these figures are simply NOT a measure of whether a person is – or was – “driving drugged.” What they DO reflect is simply that more people period have used cannabis within some weeks after greater legalization – as testing all drivers not in accidents – and all adults would also show using this primitive test as the data.

Opponents couch these results and others equally suspect, though, in terms like “40% more marijuana-related fatalities” which makes it sound like traffic fatalities have increased dramatically, even in states where they’ve decreased (a fact the spreaders of this manure NEVER mention).

Colorado is a favorite source for the tall tales of the fear-mongerers, and below is an excellent broader article on the topic we’ll let speak for itself…. ….meanwhile, watch out for more bad science in the debate on the Initiative. It’s not going to go away. And we’ll also do our best to keep to keep you armed and loaded when this comes up….

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