Sunday Special: A matter of life and death (part nine)… …medicinal cannabis and alcohol use…

This series (continued from last Sunday) is covering topics subjected to meta analysis by Indiana University about the effects of legal medical cannabis on various conditions in the US, and which concluded up to 47,000 lives or more could be saved by national legalization….

Excerpts: “ ‘Illegal drugs comprise less than 20 percent of substance-use disorders in the U.S.’ ~ William Martin, Director of the Baker Institute’s Drug Policy Program.

….an intriguing study spanning 40 years reveals that alcohol is the real felon when it comes to exposing and nurturing our addictive tendencies.

After scrutinizing data gathered over four decades, researchers at Rice University [and others] disclosed their intoxicating discoveries.

Socially acceptable, alcohol is available on just about every street corner in America. Yet, for some reason, cannabis has been targeted as Public Enemy #1 [and] a dangerous Gateway substance.

…the charts produced by Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy vividly demonstrate ‘the natural course of the use of psychoactive drugs..

…[most] individuals who experiment with psychoactive substances do so for a relatively short period of time — Stopping shortly after their initial experimentation with the substance.

…researchers noted that adolescent experimentation peaks from ’18 to 20.’

…the charts provided by the Baker Institute for Public Policy clearly demonstrate that alcohol is the real Gateway to an addictive lifestyle.”

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See full article – Marijuana vs. Alcohol: 40-Year Study Reveals Which Is The Real ‘Gateway’ Substance