Sunday Special: Two Sides of a Coin – Cannabis and Hemp.

Part Two: Uses, Differences, Similarities.

The linked article contrasts the uses of high-resin medical cannabis and low-cannabinoid agricultural (or industrial) hemp.

Hemp is used in a broad spectrum of industries – paper, fabrics, building products, food, cosmetics, biofuels, plastics, etc. and a few (sometimes controversial) medical applications mentioned below. Hemp products are not only competitive in quality and price with competitors, most are also more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Medical cannabis, our blog’s bread and butter, is also discussed – but the point here is to show how both have important places in modern society – despite opposition to even totally non-psychoactive hemp.

Our first post today introduced the intertwined biological, historical and legal relationship between “hemp” and “cannabis” and why we don’t have better separate words for them… …i.e., the situation between these two bio-cousins is like many people’s relationship status today: “It’s complicated.”

However, as we explore the differences, also worth discussing are areas where they begin to converge.

This article starts to examine the question of “where do nutrition and medicine start to overlap?” Both hemp and cannabis are used to make healthy foods that enhance general well-being, but as generally used, usually in somewhat different ways.

Hemp-based foods are highly nutritious… …and seem likely to have a larger role in the general food supply for the foreseeable future… …but hemp doesn’t have the specific medicinal benefits of cannabis.

I.e., while well-prepared hemp foods have more nutritional value than many products they compete with, they contain virtually none of the cannabinoids and few if any of the terpenes which give cannabis its medicinal efficacy.

Specifically, all hemp foods approved for legal sale, e.g., “hemp hearts,” hemp milk, “burgers,” etc. and Hempseed Oil contain no CBD. Sadly, some think they do as sellers often do little to discourage people from confusing these products with one with a similar name, and a much more complicated legal status, namely, “Hemp/CBD Oil.”

Hemp/CBD oil is a currently controversial product which can contain CBD and other materials. However, the sources, quality, safety and legality of hemp/CBD oil are all matters people need to know more about.

Expect more on this important topic soon.

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