High THC cannabis does have abuse potential for some people.

We want to get the facts out on that issue here, because talking about the whole story of cannabis – always from evidence and with documentation – is what we do and part of what gives us credibility in the pubic discussion of cannabis in general.

However, before diving into the problem and its treatment, we also feel it’s important to emphasize that cannabis use disorder (CUD) is seldom a problem in supervised medical use, and we know of no reason to expect to see much if any increase in its occurrence in Utah once a medical cannabis program as envisioned in the initiative proposal is operating.

Further, cannabis in all societal contexts addicts a smaller fraction of its users than opioids, meth and cocaine, and that when abuse does occur in whatever context, its treatment has much higher success rates – generally in a significantly shorter time – with fewer medical complications – and is less complex to to offer than the treatment of most other substance and alcohol abuse disorders.

With that said, what are the facts about treatment of the problem when it does occur?

Read on for some of the answers….

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