Meanwhile on the other side of the Atlantic, legalization of medicinal cannabis is proceeding apace…..


“The legalization of cannabis for medical use has experienced a widespread wave of interest and support in Europe. Why is this topic becoming so important now, within governments and the scientific community?

Although Germany has one of the strictest narcotic laws in Europe, it changed its mind on medical cannabis last year. The German parliament voted that cannabis could not only be used for medicinal purposes, but also be cultivated within the country under strict regulations.

In a domino-like effect, the governments of several other EU member states have started thinking about the legalization of medical cannabis as well. As Germany is one of the largest economies in Europe, other countries can also see the positive impact this legalization process has had on its economy and its patient community.”

The article goes to survey a variety of Euro countries and questions that are gradually being answered, e.g., about insurance reimbursement and other aspects of medical cannabis being worked out in those countries including Denmark, Portugal, Italy and more.

And it’s fair to characterize the mood in Europe as optimistic about the prospects and promise of medical cannabis.

Interesting reading and recommended….

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