Medical cannabis bills filed in House and Senate
The state of the still non-Med C states:

Kentucky has become the 10th of “the Final 22” states to be considering full medical cannabis program legislation in 2017.

The ten states are: KY, MO, IA, WI, GA IN, NE, SC, TX, TN

Many of these efforts don’t seem to have the high odds of success of the universally successful 2016 medical cannabis campaigns, but they all represent building and continuing reform energy in the south, south east and midwestern regions of the US.

All of these areas are “culturally conservative” and have been lagging behind the efforts along the coasts and southwest. (Texas, where a bill has been introduced, is practically its own region of the country, but we’re counting it in the south here.)

In Initiative action, and closer to home, an Idaho group (Idaho Medical Marijuana Association/IMMA) is working on circulating a petition, while a Wyoming group (Wyoming NORML) failed to gather the required number of signatures to get on the WY ballot (appx. 26,000 signatures) for the second time.

As for Utah in 2017, the picture remains frustratingly mixed. Nothing immediately useful to patients is likely to come out of the 2017 legislature (research efforts are not directly related to a patient program, will take considerable time to even start, and there are serious deficiencies in the allowable forms of cannabis which HB130 will allow to be researched).

Another bill still in Senate Committee has been scored as far more flawed in terms of not being helpful to patients on numerous metrics, and our members and affiliates tell us they all hope it stays and dies there.

However, as for what may happen after the session in terms of an Initiative for Utah, we remain hopeful that a significant announcement will follow sometime after the legislative session wraps up.

Meanwhile, please read the story in the link to get a read on whether and when patients in “old Kentucky homes” will get the comprehensive relief they’re seeking in the Bluegrass State…

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