“Strange coincidences”…

TRUCE and Utah Patients Coalition members were at the Davis County site of the reported events of “Cannagate” after learning there was unusual activity in the vicinity of the County Clerk’s Office.

While not lawyers, advocates certainly witnessed opponents trying to stack the deck in defiance of our understanding of the ballot initiative law – or multiple laws.

This is on top of all the other chicanery we’ve observed our apparently obsessed and “one fear hormone over-the-line” adversaries being involved in over recent months, and especially since launching Drug Safe Utah, when their increasingly out-of-bounds, anti-democratic activities kicked into hyperdrive.

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“A spokesman for the Utah Medical Association told FOX 13 on Tuesday he was unaware of anyone canvassing late.”

Another untruth.

UMA certainly SHOULD have been aware since members of TRUCE and Utah Patients Coalition were in attendance – and saw that their CEO, Michelle S. McOmber was personally THERE – along with other known opponents in the middle of the night.

Was she just in the Davis neighborhood – along with other interested parties – and happened to drop by? We think not.

“Supporters of the medical marijuana initiative insisted they were trying to ensure fair treatment.

‘We thought it was weird they were out still trying to rescind signatures,’ said DJ Schanz of the Utah Patients Coalition. He said he raced to the county clerk’s office upon hearing of a crowd gathering there around 10 p.m.

‘There’s a lot of strange coincidences. We’re just glad things are being followed through properly and that these recision letters more than likely would not be accepted since they weren’t in at close of office,’ he said.”

We may never know for sure, but we don’t feel inclined to disagree. And again we ask: Why – incident after incident – is Ms. McOmber still employed by the state’s (once?) leading physicians’s group?

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