We we gratified for Salt Lake County DA Sim Gil’s expression of support for the UMCI at our press conference yesterday. The Drug Safe Utah initiative nullification campaign began in the weeds and has only gone further off the rails since.

It discredits any notion of an open and democratic process. It tarnishes the reputation of numerous organizations (the UMA, Salt Lake DEA, etc.).

It intrudes invasively, dishonestly and unfairly into the lives of citizens who did nothing more than express an opinion that citizens had a right to vote on an important issue – with NO expectation that manipulative, paid, untrained, unbonded, and dishonest agents of an organization that didn’t even exist two weeks ago would EVER show up at their doors and lie to them, push them around, get them to turn over their identifying info (driver’s license and SS numbers), etc.

This is simply beyond the pale.

PS: Drug Safe Utah may be a new org, but it sports the same discredited leader – i.e., Ms. McOmber, who seems determined to drag the state medical association’s reputation through the mud with her low-ball accusations and street-fighting tactics until the state’s doctors get tired of it.

PS: Where are these mass mailings of official forms to rescind signatures sent to people’s homes coming from? And there’s more perfidy we’ll be sharing.

The canvasser in the video (which is very real, we promise) was not a “rogue” who went to all the trouble of finding people and approaching people on their own (not that easy to do) – rather in our opinion she actually highlights everything that’s wrong about all this.

Watch it again or for the first time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_qKEoIHPy4&t=96s

From the linked article:

“Marijuana advocates are pleading with voters to disregard a campaign to thwart their ballot initiative. Leaders of the group TRUCE or Together for Responsible Use and Cannabis Education joined Epilepsy Utah and Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill for a press conference on Tuesday.

They said the Utah Medical Association and the conservative Utah Eagle Forum are using deceitful tactics to derail expanded access to medical marijuana in the state, arming canvassers with false information and sending out inaccurate mailers to convince voters to remove their signatures from the ballot measure.

“We don’t have big money behind us. We have a lot of love and a lot of compassion to help our fellow Utahns and we’re tired of being beat up by big industry and lobbying groups,” said Christine Stenquist with TRUCE.

The Eagle Forum and Utah Medical Association or #UMA created a group called Drug Safe Utah. A UMA spokesman said TRUCE and others are using suffering patients to disguise their true aim, which is to pave the way for recreational use of marijuana in Utah.

Drug Safe Utah said in a statement some inaccurate information was distributed to voters by ‘rogue’ canvassers.”

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