No rest for the weekend….

First, it was “The Empire has (alas) Struck Back”… …as once it became clear that the Utah Medical Association’s “wise counsel” was looking anything but wise and that Utahns aren’t buying UMA’s transparent untruths, LDS leadership turned to another prestigious and secular profession to try and make a negative case to the state – a law firm – who pushed out a puffed up piece of nothing as a “legal analysis” which we’ll be spending plenty of time poking holes in and watching it deflate like a cheap balloon in coming days….

…and now… …the weekend’s second blockbuster feature is “The Return of the Patients (Coalition)”…!!

We don’t know a lot about the particulars of Utah Patients Coalition’s proposed law suit yet. However, having been heavily involved in helping expose all the underhanded, deceptive and possibly illegal dirty tricks that UMA, DSU, Eagle Forum, the DEA and phoney-baloney “Neighbors for [ill]-informed decision making” are behind, there’s zero doubt in our minds that this chicanery should not be allowed to stand in even a reasonably just world.

NTM, according to legal whispers in our ears (just whispers, but….), we agree with the attorney quoted here that the local DEA just might ultimately be found to have committed several FEDERAL “oopsies.”


“Sponsors of the medical cannabis ballot initiative [are] alleging fraud over efforts to get people to remove signatures from the citizen initiative petition.

In a letter … an attorney for the Utah Patients Coalition threatened a lawsuit against the UMA, the Utah Eagle Forum, the DEA and … Drug Safe Utah.

“Your efforts to mislead voters who signed the Petition, in order to induce the withdrawal of their signatures from the Petition, not only renders the withdrawals void and without legal effect, but also gives rise to civil liability for damages incurred by the Coalition.

Further, even if you did not employ fraudulent means to procure signature withdrawals, the withdrawal forms are defective and incomplete, and were improperly submitted to the county clerks. Finally, it appears that the Drug Enforcement Agency’s affiliation with Drug Safe Utah places them in direct and continuing violation of federal law,” attorney Kory Langhofer wrote.

The basis of the legal threat are videos FOX 13 broadcast earlier this week showing people making false claims to persuade St. George area voters into removing their signatures from the medical marijuana ballot initiative.”    

See full article – Medical marijuana ballot initiative backers threaten to sue opponents over ‘deceptive tactics’