HB195 and 197 – bills which TRUCE has serious reservations about from patients’ point of view – have one more legislative hurdle in the Senate before being sent to the Governor for signing.

This detailed interview of Christine Stenquist by News4Utah goes into depth about the separate problems in both bills, for example, the over-limited nature of the terminal illness program in HB195 and the poorly conceived and designed program to set up a state cannabis grow in HB197 – which would amount to a monopoly.

TRUCE feels these issues well worth everyone interested in medical cannabis’ time.

It’s not too late to let your Senator know if you share these reservations. TRUCE will always be standing in the batter’s box until the last pitch is thrown….

And, while we can’t win every battle, we’re committed to the long term goals of safe, regulated, legal and affordable access to all Utah patients, which we can only achieve with citizens’ active support as we continue down the road we’ve been traveling together these last several years.

You can contact your Senator here: http://ift.tt/2BLv15e

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