Initiative in the local news….

…this KUTV report shows various advocates, volunteers and Utah Patients Coalition members gathering signatures, and has an interview with TRUCER, Desiree Hennesy.

The reports notes that there’s been lots of progress on signatures. Most continuing efforts are in are where UPC isn’t sure they’ve met the minimum for given state senatorial districts. They have to get 10% of the registered voters in at least 26 of 29 State Senate Districts, a higher requirement than in at least 35 other states.

So naturally, as we’ve been reporting, given that opponents can see the interest, they’re trying to change the rules to cut the public’s voice out even more with odious bills like HB471 and HB225. Sponsors are calling it something else, but we have some interesting names we’d like to call them sometimes when they choose so against what the public would like them to be doing, instead of quashing public opinion to serve whatever narrow interests they feel more beholden to.

Please check our recent posts for more info on this perfidy.

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