Read all about it: The current cannabinoid-related bills in the Legislature have way too high a price tag in continued suffering for proposals not only of no value, but of negative value, even while masquerading as “careful reform”….


The state has a new paper – The Utah Bee (

We don’t know much about them, but we’re always happy to welcome more eyes on what’s happening in home state, and in this case what looks at first glance like a fresh breath and new take on the Utah journalism scene.

In particular we’re pleased that they seem to get what we see clear as day. In this article, for example, they demonstrate good insight into medical cannabis per se… …and the feckless way the legislature is acting… …and understand that Rep. Brad Daw is no friend of Utah’s long-waiting many tens of thousands of patients….

…i.e., the legions of Utahns who are receiving sub-optimal treatment due as much to the games the self-anointed, “Cannabinoid Czar of Orem” is playing as they are to the actions of any other single party.

We have offered to work with the Rep. many times to give him input as he continually inserts himself into the debate with a whole flotilla of wrong-headed bills over recent years, along with his oft-time partner in cannabis bill writing, rather excuse, “cannabinoid legislation,” Sen. Vickers.

We emphasize “cannabinoid” as these legislators’ actions and words show neither intends to ever allow whole plant cannabis into the state, and meanwhile, none of their bills have been crafted with meaningful patient group input… …and it shows…

Whatever the motivations behind and sources of the Daw/Vickers proposals, they’re not from people advocating for rational, timely, sensibly regulated, safe, legal and affordable access – not in any way shape or form – nor are they informed by any sense of wisdom from the people with experience about what works in the 29 states with programs.

Nor do they reflect the best science (or even adequate science – read the article!), nor are they drawing from best practices, nor even – as pointed out in the article – from simple logic… …i.e., assuming Daw and friends do (in their own unfathomable way) want to help bring about whatever vision they have for what this “brain trust” thinks “reform” looks like, they have no notion of how to do so realistically.

But we’ll give Rep. Daw more credit.

We think he knows very well that one thing he’s clearly doing is throwing spanners into the gears of the progress that 3/4 of Utahns endorse, and that while there is certainly more to the story, during the session, obstruction dressed up in progress’ clothing is his proximal purpose for whatever motives.

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