Real Utahns, real pain, real relief, a real Initiative…..

“Pamela Cabagnolo took the drugs to get up in the morning, to go to work. She popped pills for her pain until she went to bed at night. Cabagnolo said she took her pills to exist — a circumstance she decided to remedy last year with a trip to Colorado to try medical marijuana and treat her pain.

‘I have a right to feel good. I don’t want to be a drug addict,” said the 68-year-old South Salt Lake resident. “I want to live. And it is my right to do so.’

Cabagnolo and about a dozen others gathered at the SL County Gov’t Center on Wednesday night to share their stories of how medical cannabis improved their health. It was one of the first public meetings for the Utah Patients Coalition’s (#UPC) ballot initiative, which seeks to legalize treatment in the state.

Two other public hearings on the initiative were held Wednesday, one in Lehi and another in St. George, and more are scheduled across the state through Saturday.”

Much more info – including about upcoming signature gathering is in the article. Again, the ballot initiative process has been designed to make it particularly hard to quality in Utah by setting a very high signature bar for every Senate district in the state.

Nonetheless, the organizers go in knowing this and have been planning for it for many months. So. The campaign for safe, legal medical cannabis for Utah’s patients is gearing up week by week, and is getting close to entering a whole new phase of active citizen involvement…..

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