Further coverage of Drug Safety Utah’s “Hail Mary” and “kitchen sink” lawsuit….

…a suit demanding that the Lt. Gov. not allow the people of the state – despite the legally expressed wishes (and polling of 3/4) of the people of the state – to even have a chance to vote on the Utah Medical Cannabis Initiative (UMCI).

Welcome to powerful special interests’ view of how “democracy” in Utah works in 2018. ???

As we’ve noted, the entire brief is based primarily on fear-mongering arguments which have been thoroughly discredited for decades.

OTOH, props to St. George News, this is the most in-depth story we’ve seen on the matter. E.g., we learn more about a whole alphabet zoo of opponent groups who are coalescing against the people and the great preponderance of the evidence.

Joining DSU – in addition to the #UMA, #EagleForum and local #DEA Task Force – are “the Sutherland Institute, Utah Prevention Coalition Association, behavioral health groups, Utah Narcotics Officers Association, Utah Chiefs of Police,” along with “other law enforcement groups” and, lest we forget, “concerned citizens.”

Word to DSU: Hey, we and the great majority of Utahns are “concerned citizens” as well. And no, we’re not part of your retro cabal.

“ ‘Our opposition is increasingly desperate,’ the Utah Patients Coalition said in a Facebook post Friday. ‘After failed fraudulent attempts to remove enough signatures to keep us off the ballot, now they’ve filed a lawsuit to try and force the Lieutenant Governor to not certify the initiative.’

Another opponent of the initiative is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints which last week released a legal analysis it sponsored of the proposed ballot initiative that ‘raises grave concerns’ should it be voted into law.

In response, the Libertas Institute, a libertarian-leaning think tank based in northern Utah, released a point-for-point rebuttal.”

[And again, as we’ve already posted, this “legal analysis” is shockingly easy to rebut.]

“Links to the analysis and rebuttal, as well as the proposed Utah Medical Cannabis Act, are featured in the paper’s Resources section.”

Read and learn. #DSU’s great hope is that people will still buy into the anti-science, hugely exaggerated concerns they’re raising – and that people will believe their outright lie that the UMCI is “essentially recreational” – when it is no such thing.

TRUCE: The more you know….

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